Staff training automated, scalable and sustainable

Train all of your employees automatically, at their own pace. Userlane provides a virtual assistant that guides your staff through processes directly within the real software. Employees are therefore productive while learning how to use an application. Having an assistant always available right within the software maintains sustainable know-how .

For continuous improvement to be effective, technology must be an integral component to enable communication, collaboration, and multiple modes of technology-supported learning, including social collaboration, formal learning programs, and informal learning delivery.
– Claire Schooley

Instant understanding

Fully operative from day one.

Userlane provides your employees with a virtual assistant right within their browser. The virtual assistant guides them through processes and explains how software is being used at your organisation.

Bring employees up to speed in no time. Increase software adoption rates.

"Staying competitive means constantly implementing new technologies. Userlane makes this constant change effortless and gets the staff onboard without any friction."
David Pfluegl

Live in your software

Userlane guides users live in your software. Your users don't have to leave your application to receive assistance.


With Userlane your users interact with your product directly. Activate your users by having them accomplish tasks.

Automatic and Personal

Userlane sends every single one of your users on a journey to explore your solution. Wow them with a personal experience.


Train all your employees simultaneously without traveling costs. 


Make sure that all your employees have access to the same information at all time.


Easily let your employees switch between multilingual layers.

Sustainable know-how

The Userlane Curve

Userlane keeps your employees' know-how consistent and makes retraining obsolete.

Compatible with any browser based software


5 Minutes implementation

Userlane only requires you to copy and paste a line of code into your software. Implementation doesn't take longer than 5 minutes.

No changes in the software required

Userlane requires no changes in the underlying software. You can start onboarding users without bothering your engineers.

Quickly build and grow knowledge

Record the process,
add texts,

The Userlane Editor allows you and your employees to build, edit and translate any userlane within minutes and without any coding knowledge required. The Userlane Editor does not require a browser extension and can therefore be used in any modern browser.

No Coding Necessary

The Userlane Editor requires no coding knowledge and can be operated by any employee.

Change Detection

Each software update requires new training materials. Userlane recognizes UI changes and adapts guides automatically.

Record Mode

Record the exact steps you want your employees to take. Userlane creates everything else automatically. 

Automate & Scale
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