How can Userlane help me?

Lead, train and explain to your users and employees anything that can be displayed within a browser.

Higher Conversion

For SAAS Providers
Guide new users through your service: personalised and effortless. With Userlane, you can easily create your own guides, simplify your user onboarding process and increase your conversion rate.
  • Convert more leads to customers
  • Make it easier to switch to your service
  • Increase user engagement and reduce churn
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Improved Support

Take pressure off of your support team by giving your users interactive FAQs which guide them step-by-step through all important processes. Instead of letting your users read long articles, solve their problems right on the spot.
  • Automate your helpdesk
  • Significantly reduce support tickets
  • Solve problems directly instead of writing about them
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Train employees

For employers
Train your employees in any software used in your company. Your employees have access to all instructions at all times. This way they need less formal training and can use new software right from the start.
  • Lower training costs
  • Increase employee efficiency
  • Reduce settling-in period to zero
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Works on any internet and intranet site

Lead, train and explain to your users and employees anything that can be displayed within a browser.

Works with any web application.

No modification of the software

You can implement Userlane without having to modify your website or app.

No programming skills required

The guides can be created and operated without any programming skills.

Fast Guide creation and customization

Guides can be created with our editor within seconds.

Use Cases

Specific examples of how Userlane can improve your company:

Increase the output of your employees by reducing time spent for learning how to use software.

Increase employee efficiency

With interactive Guides, employees need less helpdesk assistance and complete tasks faster and more reliably.

Simplify processes

Userlane Guides can simplify all processes - from travel expense reports to absence management, or just navigating the company intranet.

Fewer support tickets

Take pressure off your support team by using interactive, step-by-step guides which are accessible to any employee at any time.

Reduce your support costs and improve your customer support’s efficiency with interactive FAQs

Significantly reduce support tickets

Offer your users interactive FAQ which solve problems automatically and on the spot.

Higher customer satisfaction

Problems are solved immediately with interactive Guides and therefore offer an extraordinary user experience.

Assistance always available

Your users do not have to search for FAQs, we show the relevant FAQs just when they are needed.

Increase the engagement of your users with Onboarding Guides and convert them to paying customers

First impressions matter

Guide your users through your most important features right at the beginning and help them get comfortable with your key processes.

Higher conversion rate

Convert more users by taking them by the hand and showing them all possibilities and advantages of your service interactively.

Announce new features

Announce new features to your users after every update and show them how to get the most out of your product.

Use interactive product demos of your software in order to increase your sales performance

Safe environment

Show potential customers exact the features they need and avoid any mistakes in your presentation (“demo effect”)


Say goodbye to static videos or slides: Send your leads on a perfectly guided test-drive through your service.


The Userlane Guides can be created so quickly that you can create custom Guides for every customer.

More benefits

With everything your heart desires.

Set up in no time

Create Guides easily and quickly by yourself

You can create or edit Guides within minutes.

No programming skills required

You can create or edit Guides without any progamming or designing skills.

No changes to the software required

Your service or website does not have to be modified. Userlane works completely independent.

Multi-language Support

Offer your Guides in various languages!

Easy Customization

Matches your brand

The Guides can be customized easily to match your corporate design.


Userlane Guides automatically adapt to different screen sizes.

Numerous integrations

Userlane offers comprehensive integration for the most popular CRM-, Helpdesk-, and Marketing services.

White label version

Offer interactive Guides as an agency or a reseller.

More benefits


Measure how well the Guides work.


Sample user opinions with customizable feedback forms.

Rules and user segmentation

Using rules to determine who gets shown which guides when.